Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Holidays are almost over!

This year the holidays were much more quite and peaceful. We decided to not travel but to stay home. This meant I had to decorate but that was kinda cool since we have not done that in years. I actually had fun. We chose Blue lights for the outside of the house and it was kind of nice to have blue where as everyone else in the neighborhood had White. My Hubby decided to have the basement finished and so it has begun. At least now he can have his MAN CAVE. I have been working on a few smaller things. I have taken the UFO bag and changed the design from round bag to flat where it had 4 skulls to now it has only 2. My friend only wanted 2 and asked that her bag be flat not a bucket type. But she liked the design. So I will post pictures as I get further along. I have also been making more of the Bead crochet cuffs. I have increased the size and width. I will post pictures of those as well. I have several ideas for more jewelry but will hold those ideas til I have them on paper.