Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Spring is on its way! I am very excited about that. Winter was tough and hard to deal with. Now that the weather is clearing up and the snow piles are gone, I want to sit on my deck and stitch or bead. I have been working alot on chain maille but in the last week stepped away from it. I have moved back to crocheting. I have several projects to complete and get off my plate then I want to start some pieces for myself that I have put off. I found several sweater patterns that I am interested in. Not to mention the need for a new doily for my new table. I also would like to create a new Bead crochet bag. I have several thoughts as to what I want to do. But need to put it all together. I have still been teaching at www.beads-and-crystals.com but cut my classes back to 2 weekends in a month. The teaching was very hard on my health. I miss it but I know it is for the best.