Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Holidays are almost over!

This year the holidays were much more quite and peaceful. We decided to not travel but to stay home. This meant I had to decorate but that was kinda cool since we have not done that in years. I actually had fun. We chose Blue lights for the outside of the house and it was kind of nice to have blue where as everyone else in the neighborhood had White. My Hubby decided to have the basement finished and so it has begun. At least now he can have his MAN CAVE. I have been working on a few smaller things. I have taken the UFO bag and changed the design from round bag to flat where it had 4 skulls to now it has only 2. My friend only wanted 2 and asked that her bag be flat not a bucket type. But she liked the design. So I will post pictures as I get further along. I have also been making more of the Bead crochet cuffs. I have increased the size and width. I will post pictures of those as well. I have several ideas for more jewelry but will hold those ideas til I have them on paper.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Vacation is Over

Well it is back to work and just in time for Fall. I hate that Vacation is over but at least the weather is good. I love fall and the cool time of year. I have several projects to work on. One of which is a repeat. A dear friend asked me to make another one of these.
Although here is in Black and Orange and is not in Omega...Thank goodness. I know I could not make this bag in Omega ever again. It just about killed me to do so the first time. I love this bag though. It was so cool on my cruise. Everyone thought it was too funny to have it on the Boat. I haven't been doing much crocheting but have been making Jewelry again. Trying some new designs. You all know me I change up every now and again. I am busy with my Kumihimo though. I love that Stuff.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer is Here

Hello to all. Hope your summer is moving along well. I am planning my next big adventure. We are heading to Florida in Sept. to meet up with friends and the girls will be cruising to Bahamas and the boys will golf....Imagine that! I am excited but of course I am wigged out too. I want to make a scarf/shawl to wear with my plan black dress. I ordered the yarn and ordered Indian Red and it finally arrived this week only to be PINK or Fuschia. UGH. So now what. If I don't start this thing I will not make it in time to take it with me. So pink it is.
This is my most recent Piece that is Tapestry Crochet. I made it in Wool Cotton blend and it is Mauve and pink. I plan to redo this and get it centered this time.....LOL

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It Is What It Is

While in Florida in May, I heard my best friend Denise say "It Is What It Is!!!!" many times. I love that. And that is exactly how I feel. I found out last week I have Lupus and it was a shock for me. I have issues but I never expected that. I could tell something was wrong when I had trouble with my hands. They bothered me more and more each time I crocheted. So now I have to slow down but not stop. So for now I am trying to finish everything up. This is a Bead Crochet Cuff I designed. I love these patterns.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

SO I am back

Ok so the surgery was OK. I had a tumor on the skull bone over my left eye and thank goodness it was in my hair line. I had to have that section of skull removed and filled in. The tumor was benign and all is over. I had a hard time with the medicines they had me on but have managed to get back to work and back to stitching. I just started the Gothic Lace Shawl.
This is how far I have gotten. It is a fun project. I believe that I have choosen the wrong thread but I don't mind since this is a test. I hope to have it completed soon and move on to a more dressy thread. I completed a small bead crochet bag that didn't turn out quite the way I had hoped. But it is cute. It is the size of my cell phone. I have been bead crocheting a small eye glass case too. It is turning out much better. I will post pics soon of those.
Prior to surgery I had completed these

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Out of Commission awhile

Due to medical needs I will be out of commission awhile. I have a 20mm by 5mm tumor on my Skull. They will be removing a portion of the skull bone and replacing it with a plate of steel or titanium. This will put me down a bit and hopefully there will be no cancer. If you need me contact my email over to the right. Thanks.

Carol Cathey

New Year and NEW Things


I have been really busy since the second week in December. We were in FL. for two weeks between Christmas and New Years. I was able to finish a new Arrow Shawl from Annette Petavy. I love those things. I believe I have done 4 now. I also have finished this hat

I also designed this shawl that I call Fiesta Wrap.

I recently finshed a pair of Fingerless mittens and a scarf for a friend. Pictures to follow.