Tuesday, March 3, 2009

SO I am back

Ok so the surgery was OK. I had a tumor on the skull bone over my left eye and thank goodness it was in my hair line. I had to have that section of skull removed and filled in. The tumor was benign and all is over. I had a hard time with the medicines they had me on but have managed to get back to work and back to stitching. I just started the Gothic Lace Shawl.
This is how far I have gotten. It is a fun project. I believe that I have choosen the wrong thread but I don't mind since this is a test. I hope to have it completed soon and move on to a more dressy thread. I completed a small bead crochet bag that didn't turn out quite the way I had hoped. But it is cute. It is the size of my cell phone. I have been bead crocheting a small eye glass case too. It is turning out much better. I will post pics soon of those.
Prior to surgery I had completed these