Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Out of Commission awhile

Due to medical needs I will be out of commission awhile. I have a 20mm by 5mm tumor on my Skull. They will be removing a portion of the skull bone and replacing it with a plate of steel or titanium. This will put me down a bit and hopefully there will be no cancer. If you need me contact my email over to the right. Thanks.

Carol Cathey

New Year and NEW Things


I have been really busy since the second week in December. We were in FL. for two weeks between Christmas and New Years. I was able to finish a new Arrow Shawl from Annette Petavy. I love those things. I believe I have done 4 now. I also have finished this hat

I also designed this shawl that I call Fiesta Wrap.

I recently finshed a pair of Fingerless mittens and a scarf for a friend. Pictures to follow.