Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Week

I can't believe it is Christmas Week. I made three shawls this past month. The white one is for mom for Christmas, i hope she likes it. I made a cream color one for me like the White one as well. I am making a red one like the blue one for someone at work. LOL

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Recent Made Items

So I got carried away with Mittens or Fingerless mittens. I wanted to thank Laracroft for this great pattern. Her site is there is info there for her patterns or you can go to Ravelry and get it there. I can't get my arm section to fit correctly but thay fit good. If my arm didn't swell I would be good.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Time flies....

WOW here it is November and I can't keep up. I have been out of work since The first week of October and finally heard that I go back to work next week.l YES. Northrop Grumman hired me. I will be at Martinsburg working on basically the same things as before with Navstar. Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!

With my time off I maanged to make a couple of things for myself and for gifts. I Found some very cool Crochet patterns that I wanted to try. has some of the Prettiest crochet patterns I have ever seen. If you crochet BUY these patterns. The patterns come with Written directions and graphs. I will upload photos tomorrow.

Hope you all have a GREAT Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Spring is on its way! I am very excited about that. Winter was tough and hard to deal with. Now that the weather is clearing up and the snow piles are gone, I want to sit on my deck and stitch or bead. I have been working alot on chain maille but in the last week stepped away from it. I have moved back to crocheting. I have several projects to complete and get off my plate then I want to start some pieces for myself that I have put off. I found several sweater patterns that I am interested in. Not to mention the need for a new doily for my new table. I also would like to create a new Bead crochet bag. I have several thoughts as to what I want to do. But need to put it all together. I have still been teaching at but cut my classes back to 2 weekends in a month. The teaching was very hard on my health. I miss it but I know it is for the best.