Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What in the heck am I doing now?

I am working on the below Heart Design. I created a graph for it and have started the pattern with Cotton wool blend size 3 thread. I used Plum and lavender. It is beautiful. However, I put that pattern on hold for a new Testing pattern I am working on for Carol Ventura. Her pattern is done in size 18 Omega Nylon. I am so use to smaller sized omega. I usually use size 2. So this is new for me. But I do like what is becoming the new bag. I took a small break between Elvis and the Omega bag. I made a shawl or Wrap. It is made with Senso size 3 cotton in Carmel and Tan colors. It turned out really nice. I just blocked it and need to throw on some tassells, then I will post pictures. I designed the pattern from old Motif's I had found a pattern for. After the Omega bag is done I am moving onto a stole called "Arrows" . There is alot of talk about this and I had to jump on that wagon. I bought the yarn this past week. But again I can not start that until I get done with the Omega bag.